Amethyst Moon is a working mother of 2 teen girls. Amethyst loves shopping for bargains, and gets crazy excited when she sees the word "SALE." She loves fashion, purses, shoes and beauty products, but never wants to pay full price for the objects of her desire. She is a "if it's free, it's for me" girl, and loves to help others find great freebies and deals.

She is the owner of 2 blogs.

Wicked Lovely Things is a place for her to share great deals, freebies, and cool finds, including new products, beauty deals, and new fashion trends.

Life Music Laughter is a blog that incorporates her thoughts on life with the music that is bouncing around in her head. Stories, on parenting, relationships, product reviews, giveaways, and life in general, are presented here, with a musical twist. As Amethyst is reminded of a song, she weaves it into the story providing the reader with a glimpse into her mind, a soundtrack to support the story, her life music.

Amethyst will soon be selling her Wicked Lovely Things Jewelry line.