Monday, July 27, 2009

Free Stuff on your Birthday

With my birthday rapidly approaching (it is now less than a week away,) I am now thinking not of how I will be dreadfully older, (ok, maybe I'm thinking of that a little bit, but not enough to really matter) but of all the fabulous freebies I'll be getting in the month of August, just because it's my birthday month!

Yesterday, I was going through my e-mail, and was delighted to see an e-mail from Coldstone Creamery. I had forgotten about signing up for their birthday club, so it was a nice pleasant surprise to see a coupon for a free ice cream! With Coldstone, you can sign-up everyone in your household to get a free ice cream for their birthday. The best part is: well, ok, the best part is that it's free, but the other best part is you don't have to get it on your birthday. They send the coupon by e-mail a week before your birthday, and it doesn't expire until a week after your birthday. Isn't that fabulous?! It's so easy! Now the hard part: which creation to choose. I'm thinking bananas, peanut butter & sweet cream ice cream. Yummy!

As a Beauty Insider for Sephora (their frequent shopper program, completely free to join) not only do I earn points on my purchases to be redeemed on deluxe samples throughout the year, but during my birthday month, I get a free birthday gift. Last year's free gift was a vanilla cupcake body wash; delightful! This year's freebie is a lip gloss trio. I can't wait!

While I'm at the mall getting my free lipgloss, I will also head over to Body Shop to collect my birthday gift. Body Shop is one of my favorite stores for skin care, and has one of my favorite rewards programs (and the only one, I've found worth paying for.) The Love Your Body card costs $10, but in return you get 10% off every purchase, earn points towards free products, (and ones you can actually use, since you choose the items) if you spend enough, you even get your card renewed for free, (I haven't paid for membership in 6 years!) and best of all, you get a $10 gift of your choice in your birthday month (so that's worth the cost of the card, itself.)

Normally, I would be heading down to the mall on my birthday, to celebrate with my free gifts, but this year "I'm going to Disney World!" (I've always wanted a reason to say that :o) Thanks to Disney for this year's fabulous freebie of park admission on your birthday! yippee! Splash mountain, here I come!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Free Estee Lauder Sample, Just for You

Estee Lauder will be giving away 250000 samples of Advanced Night Repair tomorrow 07/23 from 5PM - 9 PM at the Estee Lauder Counter.

I must say that, while I know this is a wicked lovely deal, and I know my mantra is always "if it's free, it's for me" I am not overly excited about this one. I realize that some of you may be huge Estee Lauder users, and I acknowledge that they are a a trustworthy, established company, but, nothing about their products appeals to me.

That's just me, so please for those of you die hard EL fans, don't take it personally, it's just that, well, ok, it's because my mother wears it, and my grandmother, too, for that matter. Everything about the Estee Lauder Counter reminds me of them, that distinctive (some may say signature) fragrance, the classic (another word for boring, in this case) colors; it's all so matronly.

Now, don't get me wrong, I love my mother (I don't always like her, but I certainly love her, sorry mom), and Gramma is great (although she can drive me absolutely crazy, but what is family for, right?), but do I want to wear what they wear? no, not really.

Next time, I'm looking in the mirror complaining about these little wrinkles that pop up overnight, and must belong to someone else, because I'm clearly not old enough to have these issues, at that moment, I'm sure I'll regret the decision I am about to make, and I'm sure I will wish I had tried this overnight repair, but right now, I know that someone else might really want the sample (someone that doesn't have issues with "signature" fragrances.)

So, with that said, I will pass on this giveaway, and leave my free sample to someone else. So, tomorrow, when you're standing in line (visions of the Clinique/Lancome class action giveaway lines awhile back) when you're standing in line think of me, and how I gave up my spot, just so you could have back some of your very important time, and be a step closer to getting your free sample that I hope you will absolutely enjoy.

Oh! and don't tell my mom, cause she'll wonder why I didn't just get the sample for her, and then she'll tell Gramma, and then...

Monday, July 20, 2009

Tim Hortons: Free Donut, Why now?

So, I used to live in Maine, right down the street from a Tim Horton's. (For you Floridians: Tim Horton's is a donut shop, much like Dunkin, but, shhhhh don't tell my Boston friends, in my opinion better.) So, I lived down the street, which was fabulous, because with New England weather (summer, not winter, burrr) it was perfect to walk over with the kids (because they were much younger and enjoyed walking places, and was actually exciting for them, and me, because I didn't have to hear "ugh why are we walking when the car works fine?" teenagers!)

So in all that time, that I lived down the street, not once, I repeat, not once did they have anything for free. But now, now that I am certainly not in walking distance, and there is not even one in my state (Florida) or even in the southern region (not a fact, there may be one somewhere in the south, though highly unlikely given the distance from Canada where Tim Horton's originated) now, now they have something for free! Why? Why now?

So for all of you New Englanders, and other areas lucky enough to have a Tim Horton's, make sure to stop by tomorrow 07/21 from 6-10 AM, and try one of their new Blueberry Glazed, or Blueberry Bloom donuts for free.

And while your eating it, know that somewhere there is a very jealous redhead longing for the blueberry glazed.

If only I could get time off for a road trip...

more info

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Another Month, Another Free Chocolate

Yesterday, while at the mall, I realized that it was indeed a new month since my last free chocolate from Godiva. So I ran over to my Godiva store! Fought through the crowd of people also getting their free chocolate, and...stood there, staring... Ok, so there really wasn't a crowd of people, it was more like one asking a question...and I really didn't run, me run?! are you kidding me?! but I did casually walk into Godiva, and I did stop and stare, because, they have just too many options!

So, after much thought I finally decided on a piece of white chocolate with vanilla white chocolate ganach. I handed the nice chocolate lady (chocolate because she was selling chocolate, not because she was chocolate; just for clarification) my godiva gold card, and, she, handed me: my chocolate in a nice little bag, which I quickly tossed in the garbage; the bag not the chocolate, sorry to my green friends, but not sure how to reuse that one.

It was that simple, no high pressure sales, no: "how come you're not buying something else?" or "what else?" with a look to make you feel guilty for walking away with just a free chocolate. After all, why should I feel guilty, they put the program together. Even if their goal is to boost their sales, they said I could have free chocolate. Just a quick, free transaction, that's all it took. So with free chocolate this simple, why wasn't there a crowd waiting for free chocolate?! This is good stuff! and free! every month! They don't even send a bunch of junk mail to your e-mail! and if you do decide to buy something, you get points towards more free chocolate! So what are you waiting for?! sign-up, and get your free monthly chocolate.

Hmmm....So what flavor will I get next month?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Freebies & coupons for your pets

Cesar Bistro Buy 1 get 1 free coupon here

Free Sample Rachel Ray's Nutrish dog food (my doggy loves this!) here

Greenies will send you a free sample for either dog or cat here

Coupon to save $1.50 off Yesterday's News cat litter here

Purina Snack Lovers Club- may get free samples, coupons, etc.. here

Hills Science Diet- register, and receive $5 coupon, then register your upc and get more coupons here

Free Sample of Flint River Ranch dog or cat food here

Sign up for Purina Puppy care newsletter to receive special offers, and $2 coupon just for signing up here

Petnshape get a free sample of this natural healthy dog treat here

Pedigree Dentastix $2.50 printable coupon here

Pedigree puppy- sign up and get newsletter, care guide, and $10 in coupons here

Free I-phone app from Eukanuba finds closest dog park here

Canine Caviar- choose a coupon for a free sample, or $2, $4 coupon off larger bag here

Not a coupon or freebie, but CBS is looking for a cat video to be aired in commercial here

Friday, July 10, 2009

Save 15% at Kohls with Coupon Code

Save an extra 15% on everything at including sale items this weekend July 10-July 12 with special code THREEDAYS

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Appreciate a Cow, Get Free Food

Everyone appreciates a nice cow, right?! Well, now your appreciation for cows could score you free chicken. That is, if you appreciate them enough to dress up like one. Tomorrow, July 10 is Chick-fil-a's 5th Annual Cow Appreciation Day. go into Chick-fil-a dressed as a cow, and you will receive a free meal. What? you don't have a cow costume? No worries! Chick-fil-a is providing the cow costume starter kit. So start practicing your mooing, now, and get into the cow mood, for free food! (did you like that rhyme? it was cute, huh?)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Flap Your Arms for Free Wings

Want free wings? Just flap your arms. In honor of their new grilled tropical wings, Pollo Tropical is giving away a free wing today 07/08. As an added bonus, if you flap your arms, they'll give you two wings. So get out at there and start flapping. For more information, or for locations go to

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Free Mochas at Mcdonalds

Mark your calendar for the next few Mondays, for this great freebie. To promote the new McCafe, Mcdonalds will be offering free Mochas on Mondays until August 3rd. Every Monday between the hours of 7Am and 7PM you can get a free 8oz hot mocha or 7oz iced mocha, while supplies last.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

KFC Giving Away $10 Gas Card and $5 Fill Up Pack

Starting today between 10:00 AM & 2:00 PM be one of the first 200 people to register and you will win a $10 gas card and a new fill-up pack from KFC. KFC will have daily winners between July 2 and July 5. Click here for more info on the giveaway.

Good luck!

July Coupon Codes for Bliss, Kohls, Express & more

Start July off with some great savings with coupon codes and sales below.

BlissWorld save $5 off Bliss Best of Skintentions with code BESTOF5 also free travel skin care set with $50 purchase and code 079905 expires 07/06

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Metropark take an additional 25% off apparel clearance and an extra 50% off accessories clearance in store and on-line. On-line orders get free shipping through July 5 no coupon needed