Monday, July 20, 2009

Tim Hortons: Free Donut, Why now?

So, I used to live in Maine, right down the street from a Tim Horton's. (For you Floridians: Tim Horton's is a donut shop, much like Dunkin, but, shhhhh don't tell my Boston friends, in my opinion better.) So, I lived down the street, which was fabulous, because with New England weather (summer, not winter, burrr) it was perfect to walk over with the kids (because they were much younger and enjoyed walking places, and was actually exciting for them, and me, because I didn't have to hear "ugh why are we walking when the car works fine?" teenagers!)

So in all that time, that I lived down the street, not once, I repeat, not once did they have anything for free. But now, now that I am certainly not in walking distance, and there is not even one in my state (Florida) or even in the southern region (not a fact, there may be one somewhere in the south, though highly unlikely given the distance from Canada where Tim Horton's originated) now, now they have something for free! Why? Why now?

So for all of you New Englanders, and other areas lucky enough to have a Tim Horton's, make sure to stop by tomorrow 07/21 from 6-10 AM, and try one of their new Blueberry Glazed, or Blueberry Bloom donuts for free.

And while your eating it, know that somewhere there is a very jealous redhead longing for the blueberry glazed.

If only I could get time off for a road trip...

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  1. I'm not near it, but that may be a good thing...I'm expecting and already gaining too much!


  2. Awww. We have one about five minutes away and my husband is a shameless doughnut lover. I'll let him know.

    p.s. Welcome to the SITS community!

  3. Free doughnuts are almost worth a trip.

    Welcome to SITS!


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