Monday, June 22, 2009

Fabulous Free Service and a Free Shirt

I'm normally about the free samples, you can get, free coupons, great savings, etc.. but today, I'm excited about this free service called Nabbit. What a great idea!

Have you ever been listening to the radio, and thought "wow I like that song, I'll have to remember to get it" or "what the heck, is the name of that song? I love it!" or maybe a commercial comes on and you didn't catch the number, website, etc.. Well now, you can just Nabbit. All you have to do is register at and you can then send a quick text with the station you are listening to, and they will text the song title, commercial info, etc, back to you. It will also be saved in your Nabbit account for later. You can then purchase the song from any number of popular music sites that Nabbit is linked to (itunes, walmart, etc.) What a great service, and it's not just for radio, you can use it with TV, youtube, and more.

Want a cool free shirt from Nabbit? Just link your free Nabbit account to either Facebook, or Twitter, and "nabb" one song (again, totally free unless you have text charges) and they will send you a request for what size shirt you want. What a deal! A great service for free, and a free T-Shirt!

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