Saturday, June 6, 2009

You're Lucky to Have a Friendly's, Especially Today!

As the product of divorced parents that lived 1800 miles away from each other (after divorce, obviously not during marriage, although that would be impressive) I had the pleasure of school in Florida and summers in New Hampshire. I would often return from summer, still disappointed that not only was Florida hot as hell ( I mean really, could hell be any hotter than the natural sauna that is the sunshine State?!) but they also didn't have all the fabulous places to eat that they do in New Hampshire. As an adult, I now know that there are some great places to eat in the Tampa area, my mom just wasn't taking me to any of them.

Today, once again I find myself missing that great northern chain restaurant with some of the best ice cream, Friendly's! so for those of you with a Friendly's in your area, please enjoy a free ice cream for me. For 5 very special hours, 12-5 today, Friendly's will be giving away a free single scoop cone or dish of ice cream (I say go with the cone, it's like getting something extra for free.) So head on down, fight off a few people trying to cut you in line, and then relax and enjoy ice cream that is not only free, but also only available to the lucky elite who live near a Friendly's.

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